Hey, I'm Court

Also known as "C", “P”…or "Little C".


Something you need to know right away is I am a people person. From a young age I have not only taken a large genuine passion into photography, but to people. All of my couples become my friends, which makes this more than my actual business itself. I’m not just here to photograph and document true emotion, authentic love, and true candids on your special day. I’m here as a friend, your pal, leading all the way up to your wedding or elopement date, and even after so! I’m someone who wants to be apart of this adventurre from the very beginning, it’s a promise I make in writing.

When we meet for the first time, it’s a mutual two way interview. I want to make sure we are the best fit possible, and we are going to continue to be for as long as possible. Being a good fit with your photographer, videographer and all vendors in general is SO important and I truly can not stress this enough. When you feel you are a good fit, you feel team work, and your journey to your wedding date should be almost 100% stress free.


Where I'm From

This part of my story is what I like to describe as the messiest but I really believe this is where my adventurous side came from. SO! I was born in Cold Lake, and lived on Vancouver Island until I was about 11. My family was posted to Edmonton. We have been here for nearly 15 years now, and even though I never enjoyed calling Edmonton "home", it truly has grown on me. I spend a lot of my time outside hiking, fishing, surfing, camping, running with my dog, photographing, traveling..etc. I'm ALWAYS outside, it's truly where my heart is the most full.  Being in Alberta has taught me many of these outdoor skill sets, and I have learned to embrace and share gratitude to Alberta and all of it's beautiful terrains and locations. We have the Rocky Mountains, we have drumheller, prairies and farm land, and then we have the river valley, and beautiful lakes. I miss the ocean, but I truly appreciate Alberta.


Where it all began

It all started for me when I was introduced to Photoshop at 13 years old. I LOVED horses and I began to teach myself how to make photo manipulations from stock images. Nerdy, I know. But I loved it! This continued until I was about 15 and eventually this love for Photoshop left me momentarily, but this is when I first picked up my friends dad's canon Rebel..My best friend and I would skip classes in high school to get ready and jump around town to take photos of each other. It wasn't until May 2017, I bought my first used Canon 5D Mark III, and began my photography journey. I am now just one year over being launched, and it has been SO humbling to see my business become so successful and just a very short year. My friends, family, and amazing clients have been so patient, trusting, and loving towards my journey and I can not express my thank yous' and gratitude enough. Truly!

This is my partner and I - we live in a artsy loft downtown Edmonton.  It is 100% available for rent to all photographers and creatives!

This is my partner and I - we live in a artsy loft downtown Edmonton.
It is 100% available for rent to all photographers and creatives!



I am 100% ALWAYS available for travel! Ever since I visited Africa in February 2018, I have been forever bit by the travel bug and would absolutely LOVE to connect with couples who are adventurous, and want someone with a similar mindset and passion to capture their authentic love in a place that is special to them. I travel to Vancouver Island 1-2 times a year to visit friends and family. You can always connect with me anytime to see where I will be and when to line anything up!



I will 100% hike with you if you are experienced hikers! It is super important to have all of your hiking equipment. If you are planning an elopement that requires a hike, sign me up!

I am used to doing it all, and would LOVE to be apart an epic hike that involves you saying your "I Do's" or "YES! I will!".

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Working with me

When you decide to work with me, be ready for a year of memorable adventure. I embrace your moments when your hair is a mess and your eyes are full of tears. I am not a stand-pose-smile traditional photographer. I can be described as wild, authentic, intimate and striking. I put a lot of heart and soul into not just my photography, but our experience together. My clients become my friends. The goal to every client I have is to build a life lasting friendship.It's truly the most important to me! 

Photography above is kindly captured by Terolenn Photography
Photography above is kindly captured by Northern Folk Photography