Nancy & Kevin; Intimate Mountain Engagement

Nancy & Kevin
Intimate Engagement
Two Jack Lake & Lake Minnewanka

If I'm being honest - I think I will forever be obsessed with the wind; I will always drive 3-5 hours to photograph in the mountains; be more than happy to hike 6+ hours to a mountain top to capture an elopement; and probably just be down to adventure all, the freakin' time. 

Since I started my journey as a photographer in May, I have felt a crazy abundance of growth. I truly didn't set myself in a deadline or constantly whisper to myself  "You have to be THIS GOOD by THIS POINT, or you are literally dead to this universe". I have been nothing short of positive, and enlightened by every experience and person I have met, and am currently working with. I truly feel so lucky to do something I love each and every day.
Of course, times get stressful. Life gets tough. I find I have no work-and-personal-life-balance what so ever, but at the end of the day when I get a message from a client saying they are so happy with what I've captured, and created with them, I go to bed with the BIGGEST smile over my heart. I truly can't describe such a feeling. 

I really can't thank all of my clients enough for trusting me, and for allowing me to be apart of such a special (and sometimes stressful) time in their lives. There is nothing that fills my heart more! 

Anyway, I'm done with the soft stuff. Just wanted to share some gratitude! I genuinely do care about everyone and want everyone to be happy. Because it makes me happy! 

This is Nancy & Kevin! 
It was FREEZING. It was WINDY. &, it was SO WORTH IT. I honestly have to thank the sun for being on our side because this light literally gave me goosebumps when I transferred these over to my computer! Goosebumps. I will not lie to you. Winter is pretty, and yeah, sometimes there is really nice light but 90% of the time there really isn't. It's either too dark, or it's too bright, you have to be prepared to shoot at (literally) 3:00pm because that's when the Sun starts to set. And nobody is ready to shoot at that time. Shit, I'm not even ready. 

Summer Goodness...Sunrises, sunsets, playful water photoshoots, warmer days, farmer fields, wild flower fields, lush green forests, beaches...I could go on for ever. 

But this shoot was different, and in a lot of ways, I started to fall in love with Winter. You'll be able to tell by this beautiful mini gallery of Nancy & Kevin, my very adorable wedding clients.
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