cory + kelsey; the proposal

There is truly no words to describe the magic that happened between these two on this special day. 

Cory and I go back a couple years when we worked together in the restaurant industry. We became friends almost instantly, and we've remained in contact since, which I am very thankful for. Cory and Kelsey originally came to me for a lifestyle session with their "boys"; their dogs. But as the month went on, he decided it was time to ask the question, and of course, I was all for being involved and moving forward with a plan. 

Cory & Kelsey have now been together for 2 years and have known they were the ones for each other for a very long time. I think they are perfect together. Kelsey's laugh is 100% contagious and she has a heart of gold. Cory is ultimately the biggest goof ball, and I don't think I've laughed at so many jokes as hard as I did that day with the of them. My cheeks were sore, and my abs were bursting. Kelsey brings out the happiest I have ever seen Cory. They are raw with each other. By this I mean, true, open, comfortable, and intimate with one another.. My heart is so happy for them. Cory & Kelsey have a song that sits very close to their heart, and they knew it would one day be their wedding song. So, you want to know how Cory did it?

Let me show you!

click the right arrows below to watch their story!

Did you kind of cry?

I sure did..

Prior to us deciding to head off to Jasper, Cory asked to see what she thought of the whole idea before the proposal had actually happened. She mentioned she would rather save it for their engagement, whenever it was to happen. "What a magical day that will be.." I remember reading her reply to Cory, as he showed me the screen shot followed by "So that's a yes, Jasper it is!". We shortly broke the news to her after she said "YES!!" and she started to cry a little again. I was excited, they were both excited, and we went on our way!

Cory's uncle was very friendly enough to lend him the Dodge Challenger for the day. The three of us drove together, and hit the road. We listened to tunes, talked stories, life, jokes, and giggled all together. We hurried our hearts in gear and belined it for Pyramid Lake. It was windy, and to say I favored it in the absolute least, is an understatement. 

Did you cry a little more?

Yup, me too!

We played in the water, posed with the car, popped some champagne, and collected some memories. Thank you so much Cory & Kelsey for letting me be apart of such a wonderful memory. I will never, ever forget this day and will always hold this story so close to my heart. You two are the authentic definition of being in love with your best friend, and soul mate. My words will never be strong enough to describe how beautiful and amazing you two are. Can't wait to photograph your special day in the future. Until then <3 

Courtney Grimes