Jesse & Alicia, and EmmyLou

Have you ever thought of traveling?
Of course you probably have. But, what about if it is was in a van?
You know, you sleep in the back..

But then you build the bed, your dresser, add lights around every corner for easier visibility..
Sounds kind of "homey" - to me anyway!

Meet Jesse, Alicia, and Emmylou

Alicia and Jesse are the outstanding and true definitions of "Vagabonds". They're cute, funny, love adventure, have great taste in music, they have wild hearts, and are overall just incredible people. I honestly don't think I have ever envied someones lifestyle as much as I did this night. I haven't traveled yet, but I am longing too. Jesse and Alicia not only inspired me, but left me thinking that there is more to life than living to life's political and very traditional lifestyle. You know, the one where you turn 18, go to school, get a job, work to establish yourself and pay off your debts, meet someone, get married, have children, raise the children; retire; and then that's it. There is so, so much more to that in life. I want to grow up and tell stories to my future grandchildren about how I traveled in a Van or 4Runner of some sort and photographed so many amazing people and love stories. If I could do one thing for the rest of my life; this would be it. 

Emmylou was named after a particular song written by Vance Joy. We shortly learned that the three of us had some similar taste in music, and Vance Joy of many, was one of them. If you haven't heard of Vance Joy, or Emmylou, I suggest you listen! 

Jesse & Alicia are leaving in the short coming weeks to begin their travels. Although I didn't get to establish where they might be starting, I know that starting on Vancouver Island was the start to their big adventure. Being the Vancouver Island Native that I am, I shared all of the magical little places they needed to visit. First of which was Tofino. I wish we were there to meet them, but our timelines don't add up unfortunately. I promised there would be another time.

Courtney Grimes