Intimate Emerald Lake Mountain Elopement

Emerald Lake Photographer | Mountain elopement | Alberta Elopement Photographer

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Taylor + Andrew eloped in October and I already can’t believe that I am only just blogging this now. Taylor and Andrew contacted me earlier in the summer, just at the tail end of Wedding season and to this day, I am ever so glad they did. I truly feel so lucky that I was able to be apart of this amazing adventure with them. With close family members, they said their I do’s in the heart of the mountains — a place where they leave their heart as much as I do.

I learned that Andrew and Taylor share the same love and passion for the great outdoors; we love hiking and exploring! WHICH I LOVE! As a lot of you know me personally, you know how much I love hiking and being outside as much as possible. Emerald lake was rainy, and very moody for us on this special day. But, we made the absolute best of it and they were both champions when it came to dealing with the cold. I knew what we were in for, but I was needless to say, very impressed by their patience and enthusiasm to continue on and capture some special moments with the beautiful lake all in between!

Very big special thanks to The Pretty Haus for doing Taylors makeup and hair!

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