Yellowhead Brewery Edmonton Wedding

Nick & Sarah Guydash

Edmonton Yellowhead Brewery Wedding

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Nick & Sarah signed with me about 3-5 months after I had launched my business, and I had only second shot two weddings. They were my first clients to ever sign with me, and my first clients of this 2018 wedding season. It worked well! They really put their faith and trust in me, and I will always be thankful for the opportunity they gave me. We did their engagement session in Jasper National Park and had a blast together. The three of us got to hangout, laugh and just make some memories and take some hilarious boomerangs on Instagram (I still have it, but I won't expose you guys, I promise! ;) ). Sarah and Nick filled this little gap in my heart and made my first client experience a breeze. I have come to fall in love them as not just my clients, but my friends as well. Terolenn of Terolenn Photography was my second shooter and my support system during this process with them and I am extremely thankful to of had her by my side through it all. We agreed just the other day we were going to miss Sarah & Nick. But of course, as time goes on, you are always in touch! I would be 110% lying to everyone's face who might be reading this that if I said I didn't shed a few tears at their first look, and ceremony. 

The friendship I build with my clients is truly something I take the most pride in. You become such a big part of their lives, and they become a big part of yours. You are there to document all of these beautiful love stories and there is just something about it that really makes you feel "whole" as a photographer. 

 I am just a short few weeks away from being "officially" in business for one year and I really can't help but sit back and just reflect on this past year. There has been a tremendous amount of growth, learning, and it doesn't stop here. 

Thank you so much Nick & Sarah for having Terolenn and I be apart of your journey. We will always remember being apart of this with you.  

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