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Where do I even start with Vanessa & Justin?! To be completely honest, I’m really not even sure! Vanessa and I immediately became great friends after meeting at Tasha & Will’s engagement party last summer - already! We instantly hit it off and joked about anything, and everything we possibly could. Yes. liquid courage beers were definitely involved. Van and I’s friendship is always a consisting line of hilarity, laughing so hard until one of us cries or possibly pees a bit, talking in South African accents as we try to bid off our single guy friends via instagram stories, and supporting each other’s true love for art in many perspectives including music, and our own creations. Vanessa is actually my logo designer! She is so full of talent. Every time she posts something I am consistently finding myself in aw of her work but also visualizing myself thousands of dollars in debt because I want everything she draws tattooed on my body..Literally!

I was so flattered and excited that Van and J wanted me to be apart of their adventure. It always means a lot to us photographers when we get invited to be apart of your love story. And to be apart of Van and Justin’s meant more than I could ever possibly express to them. Van and Justin share the same love for the outdoors and mountains. So obviously, we skipped off to Jasper for the evening! And um, yeah. Needless to say we had a lot of fun and I’m super into this session. The whole thing. I love it. Over the summer a lot of my style has changed and continues to do so. I honestly love looking back on how far you have come in a period of time. My shooting has even changed drastically from even as far as June, and as recent as early August. Every time I pick up my camera, I am invited to learn something different and challenge myself in a broader perspective. So this has allowed me to experiment with new ideas and styles! You will notice in this session, I am starting to move towards the creamy, and earthy natural tones. I love the warm tones and I always will, but I also want to keep my greens and blues. As someone who enjoys the mountains as much as the 3 of us do, I decided it was only time to stir the pot and see what creations we can come up with.

And yes, I picked her that bouquet! Have fun.