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Katie + Josh, June 2019

As I write this, I realize I am completely unsure of where to start about Katie + Josh. Again, I feel so lucky. Incredible grateful, and full of love to just know Katie + Josh. I met Katie and her mom earlier November 2018, right around the time Katie booked me. Josh is from beautiful the beautiful state of Colorado. Yes, I’m jealous. I finally had the chance to meet Josh when we did their engagement session in Nordegg, and we quickly hit it off, becoming buds very quickly. These two only had me for 9 hours altogether, but not nearly enough time for me to get both of them getting ready as I handled their big day solo, like many of my days this year! But for Katie and Josh, I really wanted to do something for them. They have been nothing short of love, support and kindness and I wanted to repay this favour. I crept over the house the guys were getting ready at and took some photos of them. They were so prompt and made my morning quick and easy, and I was headed out to meet with Katie and her girls!

Katie + Josh shared their special day with friends and family at Goose Hummock Golf Course in Gibbons, Alberta. It was bright and hot. As you scroll, you will find their sunset session and I am so, so glad that I managed to sneak them away for a quick bit. The light was great for us. Katie + Josh got married on a swing and I genuinely believe it was hands down, one of the most beautiful ideas I’ve had the honour to capture. The swing is apart of Katie and Josh’s love story. It goes all the way back to when they first met, which was in Spain during a mission trip. They met, quickly fell in love, and the rest became history. Katie has had a love for swings since she was a child. While Josh could not find a swing for Katie, he decided he was going to build one. Yes, BUILD a swing, for katie. -que romantic tears here- I’m NOT crying, YOU are crying!

Katie + Josh parted, and they carried their relationship and engagement through long distance. Josh, the romantic, well brought up young man he is, packed the swing, brought it home, and set it up for Katie. But, he didn’t just set it up for her on a regular day..Josh set up the swing in a spot where he got down on one knee, and proposed to Katie.

Tell me this is not one of the most beautiful, unique love stories you have ever dang heard. TELL ME.

Now, enjoy photos of their love + adventure on their special day.